Divorce And Family Law In Ajax

Breaking down of a family is always a tragic event. When you and your partner have decided to move on with your respective lives it doesn’t remain as simple as that. There are always many things at stake. Ending of your marriage has also effects on the life of your children.
The experience of going through such a condition is emotionally draining. Taking care of all the formalities, filing of divorce and claiming can be extremely tricky. On the other hand you also need to take care of your children and most importantly of yourself.
In such a predicament you need the right support beside you. The support should come not just any friend but from the person who knows how to deal with such situation. We, Lawyers in Ajax are here for you.
Dealing with all types of extremely complicated cases of divorce and children custody we are the people you can trust. We have the team of the best lawyers who are focused and know their job really well. Having experience in the field they know how to deal with your situation.
The Law Office of Stephen A. Cooper is a full-service family law firm in Ajax, Ontario. The firm’s work for divorce and family law in Ajax that includes divorce, collaborative family law and separation agreements, and broaches important areas that directly affect family life, including child support, custody and access, spousal support and property division. The firm also helps couples to draft important contracts that set the terms of their union, such as marriage and cohabitation agreements.

In addition to divorce and separation lawyer, the firm offers services in the areas of criminal law, wills and estates. The firm commissions oaths and provides notarial services, including the preparation of powers of attorney.

Experience And Professionalism
Stephen A. Cooper has been an Ontario lawyer since 1989. Over that time he has amassed significant experience in the areas of family law and criminal justice, and he has become knowledgeable in the unique aspects of these areas of law. Mr. Cooper has developed an in-depth understanding of the court system and its functioning in Ontario; he is qualified to appear in courthouses throughout the GTA.

Mr. Cooper is a courtroom lawyer as well as a solicitor. He can advise not only on the drafting of separation agreements, a domestic agreement or will, but also how these documents can be enforced or overturned by a court. When you need a lawyer to provide you with the full scope of legal options available to you, turn to Mr. Cooper; he has the substantive legal knowledge necessary to analyze your case and to provide you with sound legal advice.

Mr. Cooper is also well aware of the fact that divorce and separation can be costly both in terms of the impact it will have on your children and your pocketbook. It is important that all parties remain child-focused whenever parents separate. Mr. Cooper has made the best interests of the children a key focus in his practice. Mr. Cooper will also provide sound legal advice in order to maximize outcomes and minimize the cost to you and your family.